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Surfing on the Beach Nemberala

nembrala surf
The most beautiful beach and Tidy That offers natural panorama and Fascinating sunset Nemberala Beach is one of the Very Few heaches ideal for surfing. Surfers from all over the world as Hawaii, Australia, South and North America come here and try to TAME the rough surf from June to October. It is located at the southwest part of Rote Island and said to be world class surf spot.
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From the city Ba'a towards Nemberala Village, the village south of the island of Rote. Pemamdangan looks very charming at all even though the journey took more than 2 hours, do not suddenly feel we've reached the village Nemberala. Village is very unique, visible from all the buildings that are still very traditional.

In the village Nemberala to the inn, there are only a few houses that can be used for the inn. We stayed at Thomas Homestay. The place is clean and comfortable and each room has a bathroom dilamnnya. There is only light the flame from 18:00 until 6:00 only. Staying at the inn Thomas Homestay, the owner is very friendly at all, m they direct who serve us, and always ready when we need various kinds of information or other matter.

Nemberala village, district, Rote Ndao. Usually called 'tourist villages nemberala' one of the most popular tourist destinations for surfing sports. Nemberala beach has big waves, the tourists really love to surf on this beach. And almost every year this place serve as a place to race Surfing International.

Do not forget when it was in Nemberela to also visit the village of Dana, the most southern island on the island of Rote, denagan taken only 30 minutes. Village Fund having an extremely fascinating nature reserve once. To secure the island military stationed there as parts of Indonesia, the Indonesian border with Australia.ditandai with a statue of the Commander of Sudirman, perhaps let me know so that these islands belong to Indonesia. One of the destinations worth visiting, and this location is the location of the southernmost part of Indonesia.

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