Jumat, 29 Oktober 2010

Lodging In Nembrala

Nemberala Beach Room For Rent
Nemberala beach attractions are known in the 1980s, many tourists come for surfing and sunbathing. However, they have trouble getting the inn. Then, many tourists stay at home residents. Because privacy is not maintained, at even some tourists were have to return to Baa, the capital of Rote Ndao, a distance of about 50 kilometers, to find lodging.

Tourists who come to Nemberala is the surfers. Water flow in the region is very suitable for surfing. Every day 5 to 10 tourists from various countries who have special qualifications as surfers navigate the sea currents.

In 2002, the number of tourists in cooperation with local residents to buy some land area to build the inn. Land prices vary between USD 20 million to USD 100 million with a contract period of 20-30 years.

They built the inn with 4-5 rooms, pavilion, and a landscaped yard. There is also a two-level building. All building materials of wood, except for floor and foundation.

They also bring family members from their country of origin to the inn to stay 2-5 months and then go home. There is also a lodging house rented to other foreign tourists for several months.

Nemberala Beach Room For Rent Rp 2.7 million per day per unit. Costs include food and beverage and a motorboat. However, the boat in waters just Nemberala. When out of the area, must pay Rp 500,000 per 30 minutes.

One bedroom occupied by 1-2 people, but most tourists prefer to be alone. Lodging of the tourists are always filled. If they were to his country, the house was contracted out to other tourists. There is always the tourists that come and go.

Constraints faced by local people is communication. English is generally not understood as the Balinese community.